Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I came across an interesting article in MalaysiaKini this morning. According to the article, the share price of Tricubes Berhad dropped 70% to 3 sen. Sounds like one of the big highlights of The 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2012. 

I’ve checked Bursa Malaysia on Tricubes’ shares performance and true enough, the company is in deep sh*t. There's even a notice of suspension and de-listing.

For those who are unfamiliar with the company Tricubes Berhad, it is the company managing the 1Malaysia email service. The email service was introduced last year and was received poorly by the public. And today, nobody seems to remember about the silly 1Malaysia initiative.

The idea of 1Malaysia Email should not have materialized at all. To the public, the initiative is totally pointless. You can read the gist of the scandal at Wikipedia. And now, like a zombie, it has come back to bite the government in the @ss.

This 1Malaysia Mail project must have looked good on paper that got the government’s endorsement. Good initiatives on paper but lousy implementation. Where have I seen this before?

More thoughts should have been given before endorsing this initiative. And because of this, the opposition will have more ammo to attack the 1Malaysia initiative, which is a good initiative, by the way.

With Tricubes now hanging on a life support machine, perhaps it is about time for a review. Right now, I’m more interested in what the government has to say about it.

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