Thursday, 5 July 2012

Don't Let Selfish 167 Tenants Get In The Way

No. Seriously. Think. It is in the best interest of we, the 1.2 million rakyat who live along the proposed MRT line (including the 167 tenants mind you!) that will benefit from this new infrastructure?

Why are we making way for these 167 tenants? They (the 167 tenants) should realize that we are at the brink of a new era of development, where a few mega projects, (if executed well) could have long-lasting benefits from it. We’re able to get to work faster, spend more time with our families, less stress from long travelling time and enjoy a better quality of life compared to being stuck in traffic.

No. Seriously. Think. About the economic benefits. The massive magnitude of this project has the multiplier, spillover effect of about 2.5 times i.e. RM213 billion flowing into the economy over the next decade, say MRT Corp.

The RM213 billion is of course based on the impact of money going into the economy from the construction of the whole project i.e. construction of the MRT lines, the stations and the rolling stock.

Like the PLUS North-South Expressway (NSE) that linked all the major cities and towns from Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah to Johor Bahru and to Singapore. These towns and major cities along the 966km (600 mi) stretch that makes up the backbone of Western Peninsula Malaysia has elevated quality of life, hasten development, increase property prices in the area at a multiplier rate.

Taking the PLUS NSE as an example, not only we road travelers benefitted from faster and safer travelling time but these connecting communities benefitted from it as well because the highway stimulated the growth of local and regional entrepreneurs and created more business and job opportunities. Likewise, the MRT can be seen as the backbone of the Klang Valley .

No. Seriously. Think. I know these 167 tenants know all this and we don’t need to spell out our assessment of the long-term economic benefits of this project to them. Because they too see that there is little doubt we must proceed with them. However, they are trying their luck in getting a handsome payout. Selfish. No? Opportunist? DEFINITELY!

No. Seriously. Think. We must try and minimize the impact on those who will be directly affected and compensate them fairly and not let a small group of people derail what is good for the nation as a whole.

The Government must put their foot down and stand firm on this and not backtrack. (…remember the case of unwinding of the MAS – AirAsia share swap deal? A lot of good that did). Sometimes it helps not to take the populist approach… just sayinglah…

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  1. Greatest good for the greatest number... Isn't this sort of thinking a bit dated?

    No, seriously, think... harder.