Saturday, 7 July 2012

Go Team TF!!!

And the MAHB vs AirAsia drama continues…

A few days ago, Tony Fernandes had vented his frustration over the bloated cost and delayed completion of KLIA2 on his blog. According to him, the current cost of construction could skyrocket to RM5 billion from the original RM2 billion and that it could only begin operation earliest by first quarter next year.

However, according to ‘sources’ close to the project, the construction cost will remain at RM3.9 billion. The ‘sources’ also said “that construction was on schedule and it was not a question of whether the airport would be ready on time but whether the operators of low-cost airlines could get their act together by then”.

I have to side with Tony Fernandez and AirAsia on this matter as what he wrote simply makes business sense.

In case anyone never realized, AirAsia is a low cost airline. To maintain a low cost service, AirAsia need to maintain low cost operation. If operation cost increase, AirAsia ticket price will increase. It will no longer be a low cost airline. So, can you really blame Tony Fernandez for looking at ways to cut cost?

It’s as simple as that.

MAHB failed to fulfill its responsibilities to its customer. As a customer, AirAsia has the right to not continue to wait for the perpetual delay on the completion of KLIA2 as it would jeopardize AirAsia operations. It’s like you ordered a regular size pizza but you’re getting the large size, and you are forced to pay for the large size price.

It is as if MAHB does not seem to understand the concept of low cost airline. AirAsia’s customers don’t need a 5-star, state-of-the-art facility; we just want to travel cheap.

It’s the same as eating out. If you want good cheap food, you go to a mamak restaurant. Never mind the steamy, loud, unhygienic environment, you want good cheap food and you’re content with what you get, as long as you don’t get food poisoning. However, if you want to go to a restaurant where it is air-conditioned, have friendly waiters or waitresses serving you and be around rich people, you’d want to go to 5-star restaurant or Mandarin Oriental KLCC.

It’s true that the current LCCT is too crowded, very noisy and I have to walk 20 minutes from the terminal to the aircraft’s parking area. And it would be nice to have better facility. But I’m not paying for a premium flight, so I’m fine with the low cost facility.

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