Wednesday, 26 December 2012


The Himpunan Hijau crowd seem to be running out of ideas.  They held a desperate demonstration on Christmas Day outside the HSBC branch in Kuantan, because the bank supposedly handles the financing for Lynas.

Children were forced to waste their holiday by standing in the rain with signs obviously not written by themselves saying ridiculous things like ‘Radioactive wastes rob joys from Christmas’ and ‘Our Christmas has been darkened’.

The demonstrators wanted to prove a point, but it being a public holiday and all, and with the staff of HSBC not there, it ended up seeming a bit pointless, even pathetic.  After standing around for 25 minutes in the rain and taking some pictures they left, leaving a black Christmas tree at the bank’s doorstep. 

Apparently the demonstrators, all 50 of them, were protesting so they could put pressure on HSBC to cease its dealings with Lynas, which HSBC is obviously going to do now, after seeing a black Christmas tree at their door… 

What next?  Demonstrations at the restaurants where Lynas workers eat?  Things seems a bit desperate for our friends at Himpunan Hijau.  What with their PG-12 version of a hunger strike (100 hours) and some New Year’s car pool nonsense, have they finally used up all the gimmicks in the Demonstration and Protests for Dummies handbook?   

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